Lil' Woody's Traditional Beef Sticks

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Our newest product line is The Well Hung Meat Co. Lil’ Woody's.

Our Lil’ Woody's will leave you wanting more. The irresistible flavor of naturally smoked Hickory, That’s right No Fake here, we use real Hickory wood and add No Artificial smoke flavor, when you use real you don’t need fake. Our Lil’ Woody's Traditional Beef stick will take your taste buds on a wild ride. 

We hand stuff and hand hang our Lil’ Woody's, then they are put into the smokehouse for the perfect amount of time .

We know how to balance the rich smoky flavor and just the right amount of spice.

These Lil' Woody's all Beef, no fillers, are shelf stable and require no refrigeration until opened.

They are gluten free and have no msg. 

They are a perfect protein packed snack, great for road tripping, hiking, camping, hunting and food storage. All around perfect carnivore snack.

Our friends all say they are hard to beat.